Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cheding's Toasted Peanuts - Iligan's Pride

Just want to share with you that the other day, I  received a "pasalubong" from Iligan City. A colleague's mom visited her from Iligan and brought some stuff. I was really happy that she brought a pack of Cheding's Toasted Peanuts.

I've loved Cheding's Toasted Peanuts since I was young. My uncle used to live in Iligan City with  my aunt who was from that place. He would always bring us Cheding's everytime he would visit. Come to think of it, I do not remember them bringing any other pasalubong.

Cheding's Toasted Peanut is crunchy. I think it  is oven-toasted. It is toasted just right so it doesn't have burnt taste. The packaging says "No Preservative Added" which makes it good for those who are not into stuff like msg which is  usually added to finger foods.

In just two days I've already finished the whole 250 gram pack. It's really difficult to stop once you've started. It really deserves the tagline Iligan's Pride.

I don't know where you can find it in Manila but if you do see a store selling it, please tell me.

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