Monday, September 01, 2014

Minute Burger Black Pepper Burger - Buy 1, Take1

Buses coming from Quezon to Manila almost always stop at 7-11 in front of San pablo Colleges Medical Center, San Pablo City, Laguna. This is the time for passengers to stretch or go to the restrooms. This is also  the time for them to buy snacks at the stores below or from the ventors that go up the bus.

A few weeks ago, on my way to Manila,I got the chance to buy from one of the vendors who went up the DLTB bus. I bought from a Minute Burger vendor. Usually, they sell double minute burger but that day they had something new. The vendor said she's selling Black Pepper Burger - buy 1, take 1- for just a little over P 50. It was really affordable - you can call it SULIT. ButI asked the vendor if I can buy only one at half the price coz I thought 2 burgers are way too much. Of course she said no because it really comes in pairs - the box is in fact designed for two burgers.

I'm really glad they have the buy 1,take 1 offer because I really loved it. It was so yummy I finished the two burgers just an hour apart.

Now I'm craving for Minute Burger Black Pepper Burger. I don't know why they're not selling it again on the bus anymore.

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