Monday, September 08, 2014

Uncle Cheffy's and their Uninvited Visitors

I had dinner last Friday at Uncle Cheffy, MOA (Prism Plaza). It was a late dinner because my friend had to go somewhere first. We arrived at around 10 so there weren't many people inside although almost all the tables outside were occupied. There's a band playing so many people in the various restaurants at the Prism Plaza preferred to eat outside. Anyway, I don't know how to describe the experience because I know I liked a lot of things but there was one major downer. Anyway, I'lltry to beas objective as I can with my comments about the food. Let me start first with the Brick-oven Panizza which many said is a must-have. We ordered medium Crazy Bacon and Garlic Panizza. It is served with alfalfa sprouts, arugula and tomato slices. It's a thin pizza that you top with the the things I mentioned. Then you roll it like a burrito. I like how the taste of the cheese and the toppings blend so well. There's really no need for bacon or whatever other toppings they have on the list. Hmmmm. Let me retract that. I love bacon.

Then we had the New England Pot Roast Beef, Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon and Mushroom and Brown Rice Pilaf. The New England Pot Roast Beef is a new favorite. The beef is sweet and juicy. The sauce is also good but I didn't need much of it because the beef is already tasty enough. The meat is tender too so wont have trouble eating. It is served on top of carrots and potatoes.

The Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon is also good. Well, I love lechon so it is already a given that I will love this. But what I like about Uncle Cheffy's lechon is that you don't need the liver sauce to enjoy it. The meat tastes well probably because it is "garlic studded". The portion they served us I think is well balanced -- it had just enough fats to satisfy the lechon-y taste and just enough skin again to satisfy the crispy-skin craving when usually has whenever lechon is served. I just noticed that the skin is too crispy as if it was fried -- nothing wrong with this except that leachon skin is not supposed to be fried (did I make sense there?). You can order this lechon belly by 100-grams. The minimum order is just 200 grams.

The Brown Rice Pilaf is also good. It is rich in flavor it is almost what I'd call a "stand alone". I think it's a good match for out orders. You probably shouldn't have it if you order something with sauce like their Lengua Salpicao.

Now for the downer. When our order was served I noticed a couple of flies on our table. They're not house flies but the little fruit flies I usually associate with uber ripe bananas. Anyway, I let it pass because they flew away when I shooed them. But the big let down was the cockroach that crawled on our table. It came from the side and didn't go into any of our food but the mere presence of it is really bad. When I called a waitress to tell her about it, she called another lady who's probably in a higher position and could probably explain and handle the situation better. It was that other lady who got a tissue and remove the cockroach. The waitress should have immediately acted to remove the crawling creature. I mean she shouldn't have wasted time to call someone else coz the raoch could have crawled on our food while doing so. Anyway, the second lady asked if it crawled in any of our food but I said no. She stil offered to replace the panizza which I also turned down (which I later on I thought I shouldn't have lol). I was wondering why she offered to replace the panizza and not the others. Maybe because it was the cheapest. Anyway, I asked her why they have cockroaches in their restaurant. She said it has been their problem that's why they had "spraying' or whatever term she said two weeks ago. She said they do it twice a month. I said maybe twice a month is not enough. There. I loved the food but it's sad that the place has unwanted crawling visitors. If they have those things in the dining area I can't imagine what they have in the kitchen thatwe can't see. I'm going to eat again at Uncle Cheffy's for sure but I mayhave to try their other branches.

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