Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Ramen Nagi - the Power to Decide

Ramen houses are in these days. There are now quite a number of restaurants specializing in ramen in Metro Manila. Last May, I tried Ramen Nagi in SM Mall of Asia. I've been hearing a lot about it so a friend of mine and I went there to check out what people have been talking about.

We ordered the Original King (Butao) and the Black King (Kuroo). We tried the Original King because it's probably the "classic" or the base of all the other versions. The Black King is I think the most famous so I felt we had to have it too.  The other choices are Red King and Green King.

Once you place your order, you will be asked by the waiter to fill out a form about the different levels of flavors you want to have. You can choose the level of "hotness" of your ramen. The waiter said their "hotness" standard is high so I chose to be in the middle which he said is very hot already. You can also choose the level of garlic to add in your order. You will also be asked if you want pork in your ramen and should you want to, you can choose if you want shoulder or belly part. You also  have the power to decide the tenderness level of the noodles.

There are actually a lot of things they would let you decide on. At first I thought it's going to be perfect since you get to decide pretty much everything. But of course, what's normal for you may not be normal for them or the heavy for you is still light to  them.

Overall, I liked both the Butao and the Kuroo. They were able to follow the things I indicated in the form. However, I felt like I could still have something "hotter" than what I got. Their "hotness" level is not very high afterall (or they did not follow my preference).

The servings, by the way, is big. It's not really big enough for two persons but it is certainly  more than enough for a single regular eater.

You have to prepare at least P800 for a meal for two and that does not include drinks yet.

The Ramen Nagi SM MOA branch is a bit small. You have to wait to be seated if you want to eat inside but there is usually  available space if you prefer al fresco dining.

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