Monday, September 29, 2014

Music on Rewind

Last Friday, I went for a night out with some friends from the office. Well, it wasn't really a nightout nighout since I was sure we were just going to have dinner and have a drink or two. We went to a restaurant called Rewind. It's in that complex called The Collective along Mayapis St. in San Antonio Village, Makati City. We see it always when we go to Wingman, another popular bar in that area, but this is our first time to try it out.

When we entered the first thing we noticed was that the placewas hot. It turned out they just turned on the AC a few minutes ago. Anyway, it got cooler after about 15 minutes so there's no problem there.

When I saw the menu, the first thing I noticed is that their food is really affordable. Yeah. It is. I mean for P39 you'll already get  a hamonado and rice on a sizzling plate.  2 piece burger stake, also with a cup rice served hot on a sizzling plate costs just P49. Sisig is at P79. And that's with a cup or rice too.The most expensive on their list is Porterhouse which costs P149. Not bad. T-bone  is at P129.

Well, while the prices  are great, the taste isn't as impressive. They're good. But they're not exceptional. The liempo for example tastes how it's supposed to taste but it has nothing "extra" to get you really excited to come back. The burger steak is also just right.

The other dishes taste better. The tokwa't baboy is good. The tokwa and baboy again taste just fine but the sauce is very good. I was actually tempted to sip the sauce like soup. Well, I gave in. lol

The crispy pata is also worthy of praising. The meat is tender and the skin is crispy. And  the serving is big. Yum.

But it is not the food nor the drinks that  we really enjoyed. It is the music that we liked. Initially, we felt that the place was too noisy and we totally  did not enjoy the music. At some point I decided to call the waitress to ask her to lower the volume just a bit. Instead, she said that maybe we would like to request the music that we would like to hear. So my  friends said something from the 80s and 90s. And just like that we were transported to those two decades that I believe have the best music. Madonna. Cindy Lauper. Ricky Martin. MJ. Spice Girls. Backstreet Boys. MC Hammer. Janet Jackson. Hansons. Boyz II Men.

We really enjoyed the music. We liked the music as if we are on "rewind" that we stayed there for almost 5 hours.

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