Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Mesa, Seasons Cafe and other Buffet Vouchers

I checked group buying sites again this morning to see what's the latest fatured promo.

First up is the buffet at Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang.  I know it's very expensive so my attention was immediately caught when I saw that it's for P999 only. My initial reaction was perhaps this isjust for lunch buffet because dinner buffet is usuallymore expensive. Then I saw the phrase "starts at" right before the price so I knew I was right. Still, I checked out the details and whoa I was just half right. Yes, P999 is for a lunch buffet and it's for a CHILD. Lunch buffet for an adult is P1850. Whew! But you know, Cafe Ilang-Ilang is a really good restaurant. The first time I had lunch buffet was actually at Cafe Ilang-Ilang. My boss brought us there to celebrate something I don't remember. Thef oodwas really good but my most favorite is the soupthat's called Shrimp Bisque. You see, I still remember the name. That's because it was really good.

There's also a deal by Mesa. For P1,140 you get a set meal for four that includes half portion of Boneless Crispy Pata (I think the Crispy Pata in the picture is way larger than what they'll serve), Sinigang na Hipon sa Guava (yes, that's how they call it), Laing 2 ways (what ways?), 12 pieces Baked Scallops (count it! lol), Adobo Flakes Rice, Steamed Okra with Tamarind Bagoong Dipping Sauce (I wonder why they didn't translate bagoong in english the way they did with bayabas and sampalok), Mangga Salad (this too), special dessert (fruit cocktail?) and Bottomless Iced Tea for 4.

Then there's buffet at Seasons Cafe, Manila Pavillon worth P749. The picture shows lechon and for me, that makes the deal really interesting.

At cashcashpinoy.com, you can get a voucher for Mongolian Buffet at Bear's Grill for only P279 (P499 for two). Bear's Grill can be found in Timog Ave., Quezon City.

I didn't see a new deal for a buffet at ensogo.com except for a Viking's Weekday Lunch Buffet for 6 worth P3,249.

But you can check out the Bilao Set Meals of Wan Chai Tea House. I think this is in the Binondo area but I don't know if they do delivery.

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