Friday, October 17, 2014

Maginhawa St., Quezon City - The Newest Food Hub

Last Saturday, a Food Festival was held at Maginhawa St., Teacher Village, Quezon City. It was a well publicized event. It was announced that there will be lots of food stalls from different places in addition to the ones that will be put up by the restaurants along Maginhawa St. We all know that  there are quite a number of restaurants along that street and the neighboring streets so people really expected a lot of food stalls to choose from.

I  went to the Food Fest quite late. My friend and I arrived there at 8:15 pm. We were already expecting that a few stalls will have no food to sell because we were like more than 10 hours late. But we were greatly surprised that not just a few stalls were "closed" but actually almost all were. I mean there were a few stalls that were still open but unfortunately lines were really long(because people had no other choice). And add to that, the remaining stalls aren't really the ones you look for in a supposedly grand food festival. I mean you don't go to a food festival to eat Tender Juicy Hotdog on stick. Let me clarify that I have nothing against Tender Juicy Hotdog. It's just that when I go to a food festival, I usually look for food that aren't always readily available or can only be found in restaurants that aren't accessible to me.

The walk was long. According to a press release I read, it was 2.2 km long. Wow, 2.2 km and I didn't find anything to eat. There were popcorn and fish/squidball carts (the ones you see being pushed in the village on a day to day basis) but I didn't pay P200++ on a one way cab ride to eat kikiam. Unfortunately, up to the very end of the road I didn't see a stall I could buy from so I ended up eating a 4 piece 25 peso siomai. All in all, the siomai was like worth P475 - or even higher coz I think the cabbie asked us for a "tip" on our way back to Makati.
Multi-colored popcorn

I'm not really complaining about the whole thing. For one, I know we came late. And I actually enjoyed seeing a lot of people walking in search of something they couldn't find. lol

Anyway, here are pictures of someof the restaurants that line Maginhawa St. These are the restaurants that actually made the place a food hub. These are also the restaurants commonly featured by food bloggers these days. (They were also SROs during the food festivsal).

Burger Project: one of the popular restaurants along Maginhawa St., Quezon City.
Bowl & Brew: they offer Lucban Specialties according to the signage.  This is along V. Luna.

Cafe Quezon: it looked clean and cozy from the outside.
Gerry's Jeepney: interesting concept. They had 2 jeepneys outside that night. I don't know if they're day always.
Bobo's Pizzeria: the place looked inviting (although the name Bobo has a different meaning for us, Filipinos).
Crazy Katsu: katsu  restaurants are "in". I  wonder if they have the same concept (unlimited rice and vegetables) as the other popular katsu places in the Metro.
Jed's Kubo: the place looked welcoming. They have Jed's buko (coconut water) too.
A Taste of Heaven: this is a milkshake store. The line that night was so long I thought it would reach heaven.
Simple Line: one of the many "drinks" (i mean tea, milkshakes, coffee) places in the area.
Billiberk's: ground floor of a house converted into a bar and restaurant (i think).

Barkin Bakes:
Takeiya: if you wanna go Japanese.
Nuezca Cafe: one of the nicest places I saw that night. And "organic" they have for the health conscious.
Roberta: serving Asian cuisine.

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