Monday, November 10, 2014

Commune - Where Adobo and Coffee Art Meet

A friend of mine invited me to dinner a few weeks back. She brought me to Commune found at the ground floor of Liberty Plaza, H.V. Dela Costa St. Slacedo Village, Makati City. I was confused when I saw the place because it did not look like a restaurant. It looked more like a cafe than a place to have dinner in. Anyway, once I saw the menu, I discovered that they serve both coffee (and other coffee shop items) and rice meals.

Commune has various meals categorized as All Day Breakfast, Meat & Poultry, Fish and Today's Harvest. The stuff under Meat & Poultry are mostly various versions of adobo. I opted for the Chicken Adobo sa Gata while my friend had the regular Pork Adobo. Both kinds were good but there was nothing really unique or outstanding about it.  And may I add, 2 small pieces of chicken is priced at P190. I think I can make a better Adobo sa Gata at a much cheaper price (sorry! I don't mean to brag).

What's really outstanding about Commune is their coffee art. I know other coffee shops offer cute coffee art but Commune's coffee art is different. They don't make 'flat' artwork. They do 3D coffee art. Amazingly beautiful. I almost did not drink my coffee.

The guy who does these amazing 3D coffee art at Commune.

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