Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tim Ho Wan, Glorietta

I had dinner with a friend last Friday at Tim HoWan in Glorietta. That branch opened Tuesday of last week only. I've been wanting to try Tim HoWan in Megamall but it was too far. I knew from different blogs that lines are long so I wasn't excited with the idea oftravelling far and then lining up after. So when the Glorietta branch opened, I immediately grabbed the chance.

When we arrived, the line was long. The nice thing is, even if you're there but one of your group members is not present, you will not be accommodated. And what's even nicer is line  moves fast -- for small groups, that is. If you're only 2 or 3,  you'll be seated fast. And later that night I understood the reason why. Service is really fast because there are many crew members. On the average, staff to table ratio is 1:4. I asked the waitress assigned to us the average number of customers they have per day. She said she doesn't know but she's sure there are a lot because normally, average staying time of suctomers is just 30 minutes.

We ordered the famous Baked Bun with BBQ Pork or more popularly known as Pork Buns. You'll get 3 pieces of buns per order. We ordered two. Boy, it was really good. It deserves the fame it is enjoying. The pork BBQ is very tasty. It's really worth the wait.....and the price. But what's even better is the bun it self. It is crispy like no other prok bun I've tried before. It's worth P170 only and it's very filling.

We also ordered another famous item on the menu - Rice with Chicken, Sausage and Mushroom. It's rice with topping of chicken, sausage and mushroom. It's placed on an aluminum cup that maintains its temperature. When they serve it,  they'll ask you if you'd want the sauce to be added to the cup -- I suggest you do because the sauce tastes good. The good taste of this meal is surprising since it looks really simple. The color is not really attractive and the ingredients aren't so outstanding or unique but boy, it tastes great. One serving is big enough for two unless you are really, really hungry. But we didn't know this so we actually ordered another rice meal -- the Pork Rib Rice. It's like steamed spareribs with sauce that's also good like the Rice with Chicken, Sausage and Mushrooms. It's spicy and I love it.

Those two meals together with the Pork Buns are very filling. But unfortunately, like what I said above, we didn't know this so we ordered actully even more. We ordered Prawn Dumpling and Spinach Dumpling. The Prawn Dumpling was real. I mean there are real shrimps in the dumplings. I'm telling you these dumplings are good.

Anyway, don't be afraid of the long lines. Try it. It's worth the wait.


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