Monday, June 06, 2016

Lydia's Lechon - The Landmark, Makati City

Last Saturday evening, I went to Landmark to look for polo barong for the office. I just came from our company outing in Lemery, Batangas but I was too tired too sleep. After looking at their wide selection of barongs, I decided it was time to eat. I went to the food court because I was craving for lechon and I know there's Lydia's lechon there.ia's Lechon, The Landmark

When I ordered the meal which says you can select to dishes served with rice and ice tea, I was immediately told that there's no more 'balat' or the crispy skin that lechon is known for. I said I don't mind because I was really craving for it.

When I got to my table and started to eat, I found out that what the guy served me was mostly BTB or balat, taba at buto. Yes, the amount of 'balat' should have made me happy but they were all makunat. They're not crispy anymore. The amount that I could actually eat was too little. I wanted to go back to protest but I was really too tired to go back to the stall and argue.

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