Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Longan Infused Water - Good for the Heart and ... Sex Life?

Are you familiar with Euphoria fruit? Euphoria fruit or euphoria langana is popularly known as longan. It  tastes like lychee and when peeled looks like one too.

Longan is commonly used by the Chinese as a tonic used for a lot of health reasons. The most common use is for the heart. It also helps rejuvenate the blood. They say it also helps the skin become smoother and gives it it's much needed glow. It improves the eye-sight. It has Vitamins A and C. It also has potassium. And lastly, and interestingly, it is also popular as a sex tonic. Why? Well, some texts I read simply says that since your skin improves, your sex life will also improve. 

So by now you can probably predict how to make longan infused water.

Just soak a dozen pieces of peeled longan in a jar of water and you're all set.

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