Friday, May 20, 2011

Chic-boy - Chicken at Baboy

A few weeks ago we went to Chic-Boy restaurant at UN Avenue, Manila. It was my first time there. I was expecting it will be just a chicken and pork barbecue restaurant - (the name gave me that idea - chick as in chicken and boy as in baboy or pork). I was surprised that they actually have a lot of other dishes to choose from.

We ordered Cebu lechon manok, Cebu lechon liempo, ginisang kangkong with bawang, gising gising and sinigang na salmon. For dessert we had turones con leche.

Cebu lechon manok
The Cebu lechon manok is a winner. The chicken tastes great. Normally, white meat parts taste bland to me but this one is different. The chicken really tastes well so there's no need for any dip or sauce. The order goes with atchara but to be honest about it, there's really no need for it.

Cebu lechon liempo
The Cebu lechon liempo is also good. The skin is crispy - just the way I want it. The meat was tender and there's less fats (in a way this is a bummer because I love the fats - so unhealthy, I know).

Sinigang na salmon
I love salmon. I love the belly. And this is what we had. Their sinigang is good. I'm not so fond of sinigang but I can say I like this one because I love salmon - yeah, I know I already said that. If you really do not like sinigang but you want to eat salmon (in a chicken and pork resto!)  you can opt to order tinolang ulo ng salmon.

Ginisang kangkong with bawang

Gising gising
The ginisang kangkong with bawang tastes like your mommy's home cooking. If you miss mommy's healthy options, get this. Same goes with gising gising. It was not so spicy hot so those who do not like very spicy food can have this. I would have wanted this spicier but it was great just the same. Why did we order two vegetable dishes? Hmmm. Maybe it's our way of atoning for our sin of eating too much fatty food.

Dinuguan served with puto. I didn't eat this so I have no comment yet.

Turones de leche

If all the food we had are winners, the turones de leche was the major, major winner. It was so delicious I ate several pieces. The wrapper is crunchy, the banana is sweet and the dip is heavenly (whatever that means). This is a must have. Don't worry it doesn't cost much.

They also have set meals which is good for all types of budget. They have chibog-busog meals which goes with eat all you can rice.

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