Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Starbucks - Jupiter St., Makati City - Great Service!

I was at Starbucks along Jupiter St. in Makati last night for a night cap. I wasn't really planning to write anything about the place since I've been there a lot of times anyway. There's nothing new to write. There are no new Starbucks promo. It's already too late for the Happy Hour  promo where you get to have two frappuccino for the price of one. It ended last Sunday. It's also too late for the Complimentary Upsize promo where Starbucks is offering free one size upgrade for your favorite non-frap drinks like brewed coffee, espresso, etc. This they say is to thank the non-frap customers who had to line up for long during the Happy Hour promo last week. It's actually useless to write about this because the promo is from opening to 2 pm from May 9 - May 10. Yesterday was May 10 and we arrived there at around 9:30 pm. Well' I could have written about the 'lollicakes' which we bought but I wasn't really in the mood to write. Actually, I do not really know what its called. I didn't even bother to look. But I must say it was yummy. Moist chocolate on a lollipop stick covered in chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry (I think because it's pink).

So why am I writing this. Well, this has nothing to do with their food and drinks. I'll write something about their service. I was really, really tired last night. I actually slouched in the couch to relax. I was so close to falling asleep -  that's even after having coffee. When we were about to go I checked my old Nokia phone for new messages. I, at that time, was holding my  Samsung phone which I placed on my lap. Then we left. My friend brought me to Buendia - Pasong Tamo where I ususally get a cab. While waiting, I decided to check for the time so I looked for my phone in my pocket. Boom! My Samsung's not there. I called my friend to see if it's in the car. It's not so I called my phone to talk to whoever got it. It was ringing so I knew there's still hope that I'll be able to get it back. Then a girl answered and I told her my concern. She said they'll wait for me at the store and that I should bring an ID. When I got there the girl immediately recognized me. We visit the place often. She also didn't ask for the ID anymore because, according to her, my picture appeared when I called using the other phone. It was good I used that feature of the phone. After I thanked her, I asked who actually found the phone. She said it was the guard. I thanked him when I got out.

I'm writing this to tell you that there are still good people out there. Some of them are at Starbucks, Jupiter St., Makati City. I honor you guys. The guard could have just kept my phone in his pocket but he chose to report it to the baristas. Galing!

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