Monday, April 28, 2014

I need to lose weight -- Yeah!

3 weeks ago I went to see a doctor because I was suspecting I have kidney stones. All tests related to however revealed that I only have UTI. But the doctor noticed that my blood pressure is high so he referred me to another doctor. The doctor had me undergo several tests which eventually turned out really bad.

The result of the lipid profile exam showed that I have high cholesterol level. The HDL or the good cholesterol is low and the LDL or the bad cholesterol is very high. If it's any consolation, my blood sugar level is very good.

Anyway, aside from the meds that were given to me to manage my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, I was also asked to go on a diet. You see I'm a little bit....okay....I'm overweight. She asked me to do this because I asked her if there is something we could do so that the maintenance medicines will not be for life.

What I decided to do was to cut down on my rice. I decided to eat a maximum of a half cup of rice for breakfast and that's rice for the rest of the day. It was difficult sometimes because of "temptations" that spell like "friends" but I was able to manage. Well, I failed a few times. Two nights to be exact...and those were the two nights prior to my follow up check up. I ate rice for dinner. But even with that failure I found out from the doctor's record that I lost 1.2 kilos or 2.64 pounds.

With that little success I am a bit encouraged to do better this coming weeks. I've decided to add more fruits and vegetables on my diet. I've also decided to be a little bit stronger in resisting temptation to eat rice. I know this type of diet works  because I've done it before. I lost 8 kilos or 17.6 pounds a couple of years ago. I was just too happy that I lost weight that after a year of being a size or two smaller, I went back to eating rice. Weight loss wasted huhu.

Anyway, again this is what I'll do to lose weight. Lower my carbohydrates -- 1/2 cup rice for breakfast and a piece or two of crackers for snacks once in a while, have plenty  of fruits and vegetables, eat small meals frequently, drink lots of water and exercise. Okay, I still haven't convinced myself to do the last one but I'll try. I want to lose weight to improve my  cholesterol and blood pressure levels. That's the motivation. Oh! And before I forget, I want to look good too even if the summer season is almost halfway over.

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