Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yoshinoya - Shitake Shumai or Flour Shumai?

I went to Glorietta with a friend last Monday to look for sunglasses and board shorts for our trip to Coron, Palawan next week. While walking around the mall, we saw Yoshinoya and simultaneously said "let's eat". So we abandoned the original plan to look for summer stuff and just decided to eat.

Since I'm trying to lose weight as advised by my doctor, I decided to just have their shitake shumai and yasai itame.

While waiting for our order to arrive (the lady at the counter said it would take 10 - 15 minutes), we saw this poster that says "Join the 4th Gyudon Eating Contest". There were 3 guys competing that time.

The challenge is to "eat all you can in 5minutes". This is just for the qualifying round. There is a grand match on June 14 where all those who qualified during the eliminations will meet and compete. For the grand match, the 5 minute challenge will be increased to 15 minutes. How many bowls of gyudon can a normal guy eat in 15minutes? Hmmmm..... For contest mechanics, visit their website or their facebook ang instagram accounts.

Anyway, our order arrived within the time frame given which was good. I hate it when restaurants fail to bring food later than declared.

I first ate the shitake shumai. I got disappointed from the very first bite. It was supposed to be pork topped with shitake mushrooms. Well, it tasted like "flour siomai" topped with shitake mushrooms. It's very much similar to the siomai you get at the stalls outside supermarkets or LRT stations which usually costs between P25 and P30. This one costs P59.

The yasai itame was just okay. Nothing really special about it. The pork didn't even taste fresh (but don't mind this because maybe I'm biased because I was disappointed with the siomai).

Anyway, I will still go back to Yoshinoya if you want to know. I may have been disappointed with the shitake shumai but I still love their Beef Yakiniku. The thinly sliced beef is really good I always come back for it whenever I get the chance.

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