Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dinner Time for People Trying to Lose Weight

Dinner time with friends is a big problem for people who are trying to lose weight. It's hard to control what you eat when your friends are in front of you eating the things you would have probably ordered too if you're not trying to lose weight. It even becomes harder when they start teasing you about how delicious the food they are eating is.

What are your choices when you dine out with them? Well, the first one you'll probably think about is to order salad. Depending on the kind of salad you choose, it can still be both filling and satisfying.

If you have the power to persuade, then persuade them to eat in a Japanese restaurant. Japanese restaurants are good places to eat when you are trying to lose weight. Raw tuna and salmon are my best bets. Miso soup is always part of my choices. When we go to katsu restaurants with unlimited rice, cabbage and soup like YABU and GINZA BAIRIN, I just put the rice away and focus my attention on the cabbage. They have nice sauces anyway.

Chinese restaurants are also good for those on a diet. You can simply order siomai or sharksfin. You'll definitely feel full and at the same time feel satisfied. I like HenLin siomai the most among the common dimsum places.

Restaurants serving Filipino cuisine are the most challenging. Filipino dishes are usually "saucy"or with soup which means it's best eaten with  rice. And food with delicious sauce like adobo and calderata entices you to eat more rice. Many Filipino food are also laden with lots of fats and that's definitely not good for your goal to lose weight.So if you're in a Filipino restaurant, try the grilled stuff. Filipino restaurants also have a lot of that. Grilled Tilapia or Bangus is good. I can actually eat them even without rice.

Since I like pizza, going to a pizza restaurant is also challenging. Fortunately, many  pizza places offer salads too. Get that as your first option. If it is not available or you really must eat pizza then choose the vegetarian variety.

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