Friday, July 11, 2014

Costume Ideas for Nutrition Week Celebration

During  this time of the year, my blog gets additional visits  because of people looking for ways to make nutrition costumes for nutrition week celebrations. It's interesting because every now and then I get new ideas from things I see around so I put them here. You'll see new ideas in my previous post (click here for that and once you get there you'll also find another button to link to the original blog post about nutrition costume). Here I'll add up a few more stuff that you can do.

1. You can make a Greek God or Goddess costume. You don't actually need to have this sewn by a dressmaker. You will just need a long piece of cloth which you can drape around your child and a belt or string to hold it in place. I know you know how a Greek costume looks like so just be creative in draping it. You just need a little bit of sewing which will mainly involve the basic running stitch. Now, how will this Greek God/Goddess costume become a nutrition costume. Connect Greek God/Goddess and grapes. Yeah, that's the idea. Put the grapes as part of the headdress. Or just simply let you child carry a wicker basket with grapes. 

2. Make a skirt using slices of fruits like oranges. No, I don't mean real fruit slices. What you can do is to cut orange colored papers to form orange slices. Once you have enough, you can attach these cutouts on to a string which you will wrap around your daughters waist -- like a mini skirt. You can attach the slices side-by-side so you won't have to make lots of them or you can also overlap the slices for a more dramatic effect. Well, there's nothing really dramatic about it but this will give your skirt a nicer look. Let her wear leggings and if possible orange shoes. For her top, she can wear an orange spaghetti strapped blouse worn over a tight black shirt or leotards.
Aside from oranges you can also use lemon shapes or watermelon slices.

3. Use small balloons to make grapes. You can attach these balloons to triangular paper cutouts (front and back) to be worn over the shoulders. The triangle's base must be  as wide as your child's shoulder and the height is from his knees to shoulders. I suppose you know that the triangle is base at shoulder level and the tip pointing to the ground haha.

There you have it,  three more additional nutrition costume ideas.

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