Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SumoSam - Wanna Go Japanese?

Last week I had dinner with friends at SumoSam in Greenbelt 3. There are a lot of restaurants in  that area but we chose SumoSam because we simply wanted to go Japanese that  night. We weren't up to taking a gamble so we chose a place we know we like based on previous experience.

The place is cozy with  just a few tables for customers. Lighting is also subdued which is actually to my liking.

We ordered Dynamite Roll, Spicy Tuna Salad, Tofu Steak, Sesame Chicken and Japanese Fried Rice.

The Dynamite Roll is something we usually order. I still don't know why it's called dynamite but it doesn't matter -- what matters is that we like it. For P268, you get 6 pieces  of dynamite rolls.

The Spicy Tuna Salad is also a favorite. It says Spicy and it really is spicy. I love the dressing. For also P268 you get large plate of salad -- lotsa greens and tuna chunks.

As for as I remember this is the  first time I am having Tofu Steak at SumoSam. My friend, however, appears to have eaten it quite a few times already. She asked the waiter to tell the kitchen not to make it dry. She said the last time she had it, the steak was cooked really dry. When it came, it was really like the opposite of dry -- I thought it we were given soup lol. For P 298 you also get a big bowl of tofu steak good enough for 3 people with regular appetite.

The Sesame Chicken is an instant favorite. Noodles and bean sprouts were cooked just right. It has several chunks of pork. And the sauce is perfect for the rice. For P288 you get a big plate of this yummy noodle dish.

We didn't order any drinks but we asked for their house tea served on glasses with ice cubes. Instant free iced tea. :)

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