Monday, July 14, 2014

Old Recipes with twists - simple ways to make "new" dishes

Many students are asked to make nutrition costumes for the nutrition week celebrations in schools. It is a very common activity especially for schools that cater to preschoolers or graders. But another activity that is also commonly done is the cooking contest.

Sometimes, students are asked to cook meals with twists. In other words, they'll be asked to use old recipes but add something new to change it a bit. Here are some ideas that  you can use. Disclaimer: I won't be writing the recipes. Instead, I'll just be suggesting what you can add to traditional dishes to spice them up a bit.

1. Chopseuy. You can add cashew nuts and apple slices to chopsuey to make it more interesting. Don't crush the cashew nuts to attract the attention of kids. This may help you encourage them to eat this vegetable dish. Do not peel the apples. This will also make this dish appealing to the kids. It will also add color.

2. Sinigang. Use Indian mango slices instead of tamarind to make it sour.

3. Adobo. Add grilled grapes to make it more appealing to kids. Grill the grapes in an oven toaster.

4. Sweet and sour fish. Add strawberry slices to the sauce/toppings.

5. Nilagang Baka. Instead of using water, add coconut water (1:1 proportion).

I hope this will help you. :)   

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