Friday, May 15, 2015

Arana't Baluarte -- Chandeliers and Arches

I was feeling sad last night since I was not able to go home to the province for the Arana't Baluarte 2015. It's a festival in honor of San Isidro Labrador. It's similar to the one of Lucban, Quezon's Pahiyas. But instead of decorating houses, what we have in our town are Baluarte or Arches where Arana or Chandeliers are placed. Each chandelier is designed with fruits and vegetables. This is like thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. Remember, San Isidro is the patron Saint of farmers.

These arches line the major streets in town where the procession will pass by later in the afternoon. As soon as the procession pass by an arch, the chandeliers will be released/dropped for the people to get their share of fruits and vegetables. It can be rowdy at times because naturally, the people would want to get as much bounty as they can. But in spite of the rowdiness, it is generally fun.

In the past, the arches which are usually made of bamboo are kept plain and simple. But through the years, people started to design these arches such that they are now really fabulous looking. Then it became a contest. Each barangay or cluster of barangays has its own arch to design. Now, you'll really be amazed at the creativity of the people in charge of designing these arches.

I've compiled some pictures I got from facebook pages of my pamangkins for you to see. Thanks Karen and myleen.

Gumaca, Quezon

This arch or baluarte is near our house.

Arch by one of the barangay clusters.

Believe it or not, this is an arch.

The chandeliers or arana.

These chandeliers will be dropped as soon as the last part of the procession pass.

Although the main even is in the afternoon, many people are already going around town to see the arches.

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