Thursday, May 21, 2015

McRib - Ribs or No Ribs

I attended a whole day seminar about Behavior Management conducted by The Medical City Pediatrics Department yesterday. On our way back to Makati City from Pasig, my friend and I decided to drop by McDonald's first to buy something to eat because we knew it was going to be a long ride. It was 5 in the afternoon so traffic was really bad.

I ordered McRib since I've heard about it but have not actually tried it. There are two variants -- McRib and McRib Deluxe. The former has onions and pickles while the latter has lettuce. The former is sold at P129 with small fries and soda while the latter is sold at P149 also with small fries and soda. I chose McRib Deluxe.

At first bite I already concluded that it really tastes like barbecued ribs. The sauce tastes authentic. But I think the one pickles and onions would have been a better choice. I think pickles and onions would be a better match with the sauce. But it was still great.

While we were eating, my friend said she has some friends who didn't like the McRib. For them, it was not good because there's no real ribs. I was surprised at this comment. I mean who would actually think that they will put real ribs on their sandwich. Yes, that's what the name says but honestly, do you really expect them to put ribs there? Go to a fine dining restaurant or a steak house if you want real ribs. The price alone would tell you that it's just burger patty.

I saw on the internet a video showing how McDonald's make McRibs. The video shows that they use real meat which is different from the myths that say they use stuff other than meat.

Anyway, will I have McRib again? Yes. It tastes good for a fastfood sandwich. I'll have it again and this time I'll get the one with pickles and onions. But I'm not trying it again real soon. Probably I'll give it a week or two.

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