Thursday, May 14, 2015

Benefits of Guyabano Leaves

Last Monday, a friend gave me a bottle of El Shaddai luya oil and Guyabano (Soursop) leaves. While I know what the ElShaddai oil is for, I had to ask her what she wants me to do with the Guyabano leaves. She said she knows that I always have urinary tract infection or UTI and kidney stones problem so she decided to give me the Guyabano leaves to boil. She said her mom said it's good.

I know many are saying that Guyabano is good for the health but I'm not sure what exactly the benefits are. So this prompted me to ask around and here's what I got. Apart from being good for UTI, it also has cancer fighting capacity. An internet article said that it's even better than chemotherapy.

I also gathered that it also helps increase the immune system since it contains Vitamin C. It also aids in digestion and prevents constipation. I wonder if it can also help reduce weight.

It is also rich in B Vitamins so it's good for the nerves. Potassium is also listed as one of the contents of Guyabano so it is also good for those with heart conditions. Add to that the help it could give to athletes like runners who are into long distance running (fun runs are famous these days, right?) because it could help prevent leg cramps.

Manang, who I asked to boil the leaves for me a while ago said that in their province, Guyabano is believed to help cure skin infections. Those with rheumatism and arthritis also use Guyabano for that much needed relief.

Of course, these benefits do not come from the leaves alone but from fruits, bark and roots as well.

Guyabano Leaves
It looks and tastes like any other tea so no need to worry.
Anyway, what I was told to do is to boil the leaves really well and have it as my morning drink. I hope it helps (fingers crossed).


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Unknown said...

hello it is good for taking guyabano tea for a year?

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